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You have dreams of Recording Songs, a CD, Music Video, Training Video, or Podcast. Everything we do at HEADLIGHTS Studio challenges the usual way Media is published by starting with Free Audio and Video recording. If you want total control of your Content, first, all you have to do is show up prepared to record. HEADLIGHTS Studio removes the barriers between you and making your dreams a reality.

Introducing HEADLIGHTS Studio


HEADLIGHTS Studio, Shreveport, LA 71108, 318 734-9106,


Free 16 Track Video Recording Sessions.


HEADLIGHTS Studio’s function; provide locals and Internet-connected content creators a Studio to create, perform, and publish their Media content.

At HEADLIGHTS, Content Creators (Musicians, Performing Artists, Private and Public Events) can begin recording their Media only a few minutes of arriving. Full Video and 16-track Audio recording with many Studio Instruments are set up for recording. (CD-DVD-Blu-ray) Mastering (Editing) recorded content is available with the latest hardware and software tools, together with expert engineers and studio personnel. Uploading Content to Streaming Providers either in real time or subsequently, after editing, makes for a whole new experience not available in any other local Venue. We create or work with you on your Liner Notes and Graphics for presentation and Publication. Copyright service and LOGO/Trademark creation and registration is available.


Media can be produced almost anywhere. However, the uninitiated TV-viewing Public is accustomed to high budget Media produced in Multi-Million-Dollar Studios, produced by seasoned well-paid Professionals. The Public has little knowledge of how that Media is produced, where it is created, or how much it costs; why should they care since it is available either free or at low cost; advertising and sponsors pay for it? The days of exclusive Media-creation in Hollywood-based and New York City-based Movie, Television, and Music Studios is over. Today, more than 60% of Media is consumed through the Internet, higher percentages for young people. Media is consumed, not over the Airwaves, through the Cable, or by Satellite but by Streaming services. USTREAM, BITGRAVITY, YouTube, justin.tv, iTunes, Amazon, NetFlix, HuLu, VuDu, Lynda, and now Yahoo and many more live and prerecorded streams, Training, Tutorial, and Product instructional Videos are competing for and absorbing market revenues away from traditional "Network" Markets. All traditional Media Concerns like Network TV conglomerates, are transitioning their content to online streaming to ward off the invasion of their lucrative turf that is siphoning off their revenue. The Millions of Dollars it takes to produce a single episode of Media Content for Network, Cable, or Satellite Channels is leading to the demise of these Content Providers. A single Cable/Satellite Channel must gross $100,000,000. or more per year just to break even.


Even though the cost of creating Media for Internet consumption has come way down, to be successfully popular, it still takes money, facilities, seasoned Personnel, and Marketing. A facility translates into a Physical Property or "Studio;" the focus of the business of "Publication." The Studio must be setup with the equipment, instrumentation, and Personnel to create, record, edit, store, and publish Media.


The objective of this New Venture is to provide income through promotion of Arts and Sciences.


Long-term benefits: a Studio creating Media and providing Content Services.

Jay Salsburg, Executive Producer, HEADLIGHTS Studio

New CD recorded at Headlights Studio, Titled "BIG TROUBLE"

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Download "BIG TROUBLE" CD Liner, includes Lyrics and Pictures