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Jay Salsburg, Executive Producer, HEADLIGHTS Studio, November 05, 2013.

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Jay Salsburg from HEADLIGHTS Studio.

Written by
GANNETT Reporter Michael Doughty, September, 29, 2013

Shreveport independent music producer Jay Salsburg may be enjoying retirement, but that doesn’t mean he’s given up working in the industry he loves.


Salsburg operates a small recording studio on Mansfield Road where he hopes to cultivate the music culture of Shreveport by offering free recording sessions to local musical artists.


“When people are playing, they can do stuff that’s worth publishing, but if no one is recording it’s gone,” Salsburg said.


Based out of a house at 8222 Mansfield Road, Salsburg’s Studio of Blue Light is the product of years he spent working in the music industry.


“I’ve had quite a bit of experience building studios,” said Salsburg, who finished work earlier this year on Headlights Studio, a performance area where artists record in the Studio Of Blue Light.


Salsburg built the studio to provide a venue with excellent acoustics where artists and bands can make digital recordings for both audio and video.

“The object is the quality of the recording, not the appearance of the room; nice facades and beautiful woodwork impresses people but when you’ re playing it doesn’t matter,” he said.

The Studio of Blue Light is set up to circumvent the typical barriers that get between an artist and making a recording. The goal of the Studio of Blue Light is to allow artists to perform without the encumbrance of the demands often associated with for-profit studios.

“The problem with studios in general and with the ones here in town is there are a lot of things in the way of recording,” Salsburg said. “ Locked doors, receptionists, large fees, contracts; I moved all that out of the way. People can just walk in, plug in and start recording five minutes after they arrive.

People can’t record when they feel restrained.”

Salsburg said he can offer such benefits to musicians due to the help of a silent benefactor, who helps finance the business.

“We’re not concerned with profit, if it happens it happens, that’s another restriction,” Salsburg said. “The bills are paid, we’ re not in debt and we’re not paying bills, unlike other studios who spend millions of dollars on appearances.”

Local artists can visit and record at the Studio of Blue Light for free, but those who wish to have their tracks remixed or mastered must pay for the service.

“My forte is mastering and unfortunately there just aren’t that many people who know how to master, who know how to make a really good recording,” said Salsburg, who offers his services for a negotiated fee based upon the complexity and length of the track.

“What Headlights Studio offers people is an opportunity to come and get into a place that is very relaxed,” said Marshall Cosme, a local musician who has been in Shreveport since 1985. “Jay will record you for free and there’s no time limit.”

Cosme, who primarily plays guitar, but dabbles in several other instruments enjoys the flexibility Salsburg’s studio offers. “ I come with my friend David Shelton and we just sit around, pick up a guitar and start playing,” he said. “Some of it is really good, some of it is really bad but you mix it together and come up with something that someday might be a hit.” Now that his children are out of the house Cosme has time to focus on his career, and hopes his music will generate some income. “My goal is to get my music published, get royalties and sell songs and do it as a team effort with me and Jay,” Cosme said. “Everything starts somewhere and you have to have a product first, it’s just not going up to a big label, you have to have quality stuff.”

Cosme’s jam session partner, professional musician David Shelton who has been in the industry since 1967, is another established artist who often records at the Studio of Blue Light. “I’ve known Jay since I was 14,” said Shelton, who in the past worked with local music icons such as Jerry Beach. “Jay has always been scientific, he does some of the finest remixing I’ve heard.”

The key is taking your time when mastering and remixing a song, said Shelton.

“I’m basically semi-retired at 63, I’ve already done everything I’ve ever wanted to do,” said Shelton, who as an artist still feels the need to create. “Music is a passion, you don’t do it for the money, you do it because you have to do it, it’s part of you.”

The Studio of Blue Light represents a change in the music industry, once dominated by big name labels, is now the verdant, untapped frontier of the small scale music producer, according to Salsburg.

“Most musicians don’t really understand how the music business works,” said Salsburg. “The musicians and bands are appliances for music businesses, I’m not like that.”

The advent of Internet radio and digital music distribution programs such as iTunes and CDbaby have completely changed the landscape of the industry, and big labels are quickly losing their monopoly, according to Salsburg.

“Self release is very big,” he said. “There are many different ways to make money.”

All an artist must do to use the Headlights Studio in the Studio of Blue Light is sign a non-disclosure agreement with Salsburg to ensure no copyrighted materials are distributed without permission. Once a recording is created, the artist can negotiate a remix and mastering fee with Salsburg.

“It’s the mastering and publishing, that’s the business. Once you have the recording and it’s mastered, you have a product then it becomes just like selling anything else, ” Salsburg said.


Jay Salsburg, Executive Producer, HEADLIGHTS Studio, September 15, 2013.


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Shreveport, LA – Locally owned HEADLIGHTS Studio announced today it is offering, to the Public, Free Music Software Workshops monthly every third Wednesday, 7:00 PM, effective September 01, 2013, conveniently located 2 blocks North of the 3132 inner loop on Mansfield RD.

HEADLIGHTS Studio is the result of many years development in Media Production and Content creation, backed by many local Studio and Performing Artists.


Please RSVP

Contact: Jay Salsburg


Shreveport, LA 71108

318 734-9106




Jay Salsburg, Executive Producer, HEADLIGHTS Studio, September 01, 2013.

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Publish Mastered Content.
Netcasting/Podcasting, Streaming Content.
Fee-based Instruction,Training, Lessons, Teaching, Demonstration; Music, Video, Photography, and Computer Operations.


Shreveport, LA – Locally owned HEADLIGHTS Studio announced todayit is offering to the Public, Free Recording Sessions (Audio, Music, Video)  the first Wednesday and second Sunday, 7:00 PM, of each month, effective September 01, 2013, conveniently located near the 3132 inner loop and Mansfield RD. In addition HEADLIGHTS Studio offers many services such as Netcasting/Podcasting, and Live Streaming.


HEADLIGHTS Studio is the result of many years development in Media Production and Content creation, backed by many local Studio and Performing Artists.


Please RSVP
Contact: Jay Salsburg


318 734-9106