Recording (Audio, Music, Video). Publish Mastered Content.

Netcasting/Podcasting, Streaming Content. Become a Sponsor/Advertiser.

Training/Lessons/Teaching/Demonstration. Fee-based Instruction.

Qualified to…

Record and Master Media (Audio, Music, Video)


Computer Science and Operations,

Computer Programming, Database Management

Internet/Network Service Provisioning,

Web Content Management Systems (CMS) using DRUPAL,

Web Site creation and maintenance,

Everything Google

Studio Recording and Mastering,

Electronic Engineering,

Electronic Music,


Music Keyboards,



Free Recording at HEADLIGHTS Studio.

Different Venues use Performing Artist in their businesses to attract Clientele. Better known as Live Entertainment, Venue owners hire or allow Performing Artists to "Play" in their establishments during Prime Time Business hours, like Friday/Saturday nights and perhaps hosting an "Open Mike" Night weekday evenings.

Promoting HEADLIGHTS Studio to inform the Venue’s Performing Artists to attend and record at HEADLIGHTS’ open mike recording sessions creates an added feature of attraction to local and touring Performing Artists. Think of this option as an asset, something offered to the attending Performing Artists to attract more of them and keep them returning.

In trade, HEADLIGHTS Studio will record the Performing Artists without cost. Free recording is an attractive option no other Venue (Bar, Club, Restaurant) or local Recording Studio offers. This concept should attract more and more talent all participating Venues with HEADLIGHTS Studio and visa versa.

It should be possible to create a circuit of Venues for Performing Artists to visit and perform on a continuous basis.


Record with us and sound better than ever, backed by decades of recording experience, live performance, extensive hardware, and the latest Media software. Record with veteran Studio Musicians, receive assistance with Writing, Arranging, and Publishing your Media, embellish Lyrics, "Master" your finished recordings for publication, generate liner graphics, publish your Masters to CD/DVD/Blu-Ray. We assist in promotion on iTunes, CD Baby, CDUniverse, Amazon, etc.

Training - receive professional instruction in Music, Instruments, Recording, Computers, Software, Mastering, Post Production, CAD, and Information Systems. Witness and receive training on the latest Video/Media Software, Computer Animation, Computer-Aided Design and Engineering, Music Creation, and Website Creation in Media Studio environment. Don't know how to do something with Recording, Media, Computers, Software, or the Internet, just ask our experts.

Phone 318 734-9106 or Email studio(at)studioofbluelight(dot)com for details and directions in Shreveport, Louisiana. If you received a personal invitation to attend our recording sessions, please RSVP and confirm attendance or decline as you wish. Casual recording sessions. Bring your Instruments.